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UKC Wins HC Badminton Tournament

UKC Wins HC Badminton Tournament

With UKC winning 7 of the 10 events at the Holland College tournament on the weekend, they managed to finish on top.  They edged out MTA by 7 team points with a total of 79 to MTA's 72.  Dal AC finished 3, with HC and USA finishing 4th and 5th respectively.  


MSA - Mason UKC 

WSA-  Lawther UKC

MSB - Munawar UKC

WSB - Molly Lash-Burrows UKC

MDA - Mason and Van Ryan UKC

WDA - Morrissey and MacKinnon MTA

MDB - White and Yamamoto UKC

WDB - Fond and Purcell DAL AC

MXA - Lawther and White UKC

MXB - Julien and Brown  UKC


For a complete list of results, click here.

The next tournament will take place January 12th, hosted by MTA.