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Nov 15
7pm on Friday and 9am on Saturday
at U Ste Anne
Nov 23
at MTA
Jan 18
12pm on Saturday and 9am on Sunday
at UKC
Feb 01
at Dal AC
Feb 15
ACAA Championships, 12pm on Saturday
vs. UKC
@ ACAA Championship
No Event
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UKC Wins the Final Tournament of the Regular Season

UKC Wins the Final Tournament of the Regular Season

At the last event of the 2018-2019 regular badminton schedule, UKC edged MTA for top Team spot , setting the stage for an exciting ACAA Championship Feb 16 at MTA.

The bragging rights for the day , came down to the last match for the decision.  Mixed Doubles Sam White and Sam Lowther clinched first place for the UKC Blue Devils over the Mounties by defeating Kelsey MacKinnon and Azeem Munawar from MTA.


Standings for the day were:

  1.  UKC                      80
  2. MTA                      79
  3. DAL AC                 47
  4. HC                          36
  5. USA                       15


For complete tournament results click here. 


ACAA Championships

Feb 16 – Team Event

Feb 17 – Qualifying Event for CCAA National Championships