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2018 ACAA Soccer Championships Hosted by MSVU

2018 ACAA Soccer Championships Hosted by MSVU

2018-19 ACAA Soccer Awards Winners

2018-19 ACAA Soccer Awards Photos

2018-19 Championship Photos





GAME 1: WSOC| MSVU 3, Holland College 1

The Mount Saint Vincent Mystics took on the Holland Hurricanes in first game of the ACAA Women’s Soccer Championships semi-finals on Saturday, October 27 2018. Breagh Laing of Mystics scored the first goal of the game immediately causing an intense boost to Hurricanes play. Mystics pushed through Hurricanes multiple possessions with Jessica Oliver scoring the second and third goals of the game. The score was 3-0 at halftime. 

Teams sped onto the field ready for action. Hurricanes kept the faith and persevered with Nicole Fergusson scoring the team’s first and only goal of the game. 

Players of The Game are Bethany MacDougall of Holland Hurricanes and Jessica Oliver of Mount Saint Vincent Mystics.


Game 2: WSOC | Tommies 3, UNBSJ Seawolves 2

The game started with no delay. Both teams were amped and ready to win. Attempted goals were shut down as both teams were quite strong. Silvia Fullarton of the Tommies cut through the action and scored the first goal of the game. The Seawolves bit back with a goal shortly after by Kayla Martin. The score at half-time was 1-1.

The second half was much of the same back and forth with Tommies and the Seawolves neck and neck. Tommies started to overtake the Seawolves with most of the gameplay on their side of the field allowing Robyn McPhail and Moira Kinney to gain the second and third goals of the game. The Seawolves didn’t allow these goals to hold them back as Rookie of the Year Karlee Duval blasted through bringing the final score 3-2.

Players of the Game were Karlee Duval of UNBSJ Seawolves and Mary Cronin of Saint Thomas Tommies.


Game 1: MSOC | Holland Hurricanes 6, Mount Mystics 0

The game started with Holland College taking control of the Mount Mystics side of the field. Only moments into the game, Holland set the tone with the first goal by Tegan Misener. Holland continued to create great chances, as Mount Saint Vincent kept a strong defensive hustle. Theo Ngezahayo and Eberechi Okwuwolu lead the the Hurricanes ball possession throughout the first half. The two were involved in a scramble in front of the Holland College goal allowing a Misener a chance at the team’s second goal and a third by Alex Lourenso. The score at half-time was 3-0. 

Both teams continued to battle throughout the second half of the game. Player of the Year Shunya Kobayashi made sure to prove why he won his award with two pin-ball shots past First Team All Conference Keeper Kevin Abraham bringing the score to 5-0.  Mount continued to defend with a strengthened purpose, but, Tegan Misener shot through and gain another goal for the Hurricanes. The final score was 6-0.  

Players of the Game were Shunya Kobayashi of the Holland Hurricanes and Waris Atiqullo of the Mount Saint Vincent Mystics. 


Game 2: MSOC |  Saint Thomas Tommies 1, University of King’s College Blue Devils 0

The first half of the game was evenly played by both teams as Saint Thomas Tommies and University of King’s College Blue Devils’ keepers kept strict command over attempted goals. After a by-the-finger-tips save by UKC Blue Devils’ Sam White and an explosion of cheers by the crowd both teams started to ramp up their intensity. Tommies started to control the majority of the possession towards half-time, however the score stayed at 0-0.

Teams exploded on to the field ready to break the zero tie. UKC’s defensive organization remained tight as they maintained the majority of possession and goal attempts. UKC’s Shinji Yamamoto and Tommie’s David Effiong and Kyle Yearwood were the players to watch throughout the action. The game started a valiant back and forth, but, it was Eric Prior of the Tommies who ultimately scored the first goal of the game. The final score was 1-0.

Players of the game were of Shinji Yamamoto of UKC Blue Devils and Eric Prior of the Holland Hurricanes.



GAME 1: WSOC MSVU 3, St. Thomas Tommies 2

The Mount Saint Vincent Mystics took on the Saint Thomas Tommies in the ACAA Women’s Soccer Championships finals on Sunday, October 28 2018. ACAA First Division All-Conference Keeper Caroline Larocque and Tommies’ Mary Cronin proved their prowess keeping any attempted goals out of harm's way. However, Tommies’ Louisa Hughes was able to speed through the Mystics, toward the 18-yard box assisting Abigail Curwin in gaining the first shot of the game.  Mount settled the score with a corner kick by Julia Short levelling the score within 10 minutes of the Tommies' goal. A back and forth ensued, but, Jesica Hill of the Mystics was able to regain possession and assist Marilyn Burke in another goal with Mystics. The score at half-time was 2-1. 

The second half of the game was evenly played with a slight edge from Saint Thomas. An amazing by the finger-tips save by Caroline Larocque had both teams fans out of the stands. Breagh Laing sped past the Tommies giving the Mystics their third goal of the game. This news didn’t shake the Tommies as only 5 minutes later, Moira Kinney avenged with a goal for her team. St. Thomas put on a strong front, but, Mystics ended up taking the gold. The final score was 3-2.

Players of The Game are Victoria Muise of the Saint Thomas Tommies and Marilyn Burke of Mount Saint Vincent Mystics.


Game 2: MSOC | Saint Thomas Tommies 1 Holland Hurricanes 2

The game started with no delay by an early goal from Holland Hurricanes’ Bobby Gamba. Hurricanes kept communication strong as the Tommies took the majority of possession throughout the half. Hurricanes’ Eric Lund’s keeping was key to holding off the Tommies. The score at half-time was 1-0. 

Teams sped on to the field ready for action and ready to win. ACAA Player of the Year Shunya Kobayashi proved his title for the second time this weekend by scoring for the Hurricanes. Tommies struck back as Ryan MacKinnon took advantage of a free kick from distance scoring the team’s first goal. Teams started an intense back and forth with both teams evenly split in possession. The final score was 2-1.

Players of the Game were Harrison Ellison of the Holland Hurricanes and Ryan MacKinnon of the Saint Thomas Tommies.

The Holland Hurricanes will advance to the CCAA Soccer National Championships on November 6-10, 2018 at Holland College in Charlottetown, PEI. 







ACAA Soccer Award Winners

Women’s 1st Team All Conference

Nikita McCartney             St. Thomas University
Louisa Hughes                  St. Thomas University
Leandra Upton                 St. Thomas University
Julia Short                         Mount Saint Vincent University 
Jessica Oliver                    Mount Saint Vincent University 
Sabrina Molnar                Holland College
Nicole Fergusson             Holland College
Karlee Duval                     University New Brunswick Saint John
Natalie Crawford             University of Kings College
Becca Reay                       Crandall University
Macy Penny-Cameron    Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus
Caroline Laroque              Mount Saint Vincent University (Keeper)

Women’s 2nd Team All Conference
Kaleigh Roberts                St. Thomas University
Victoria Muise                   St. Thomas University
Jessica McWilliams           St. Thomas University
Breagh Laing                      Mount Saint Vincent University 
Marilyn Burke                    Mount Saint Vincent University 
Kathrine McEwen            Holland College
Jade Stewart                      Holland College
Kaitlin Casey                      University New Brunswick Saint John
Morgan Macintosh          University of Kings College
Claire Smith                       Crandall University
Gabriella Hale                    Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus
Marina Comeau                UNBSJ ( Keeper) 
Men's 1st Team All Conference:
Shunya Kobayashi            Holland College
Bobby Gamba                   Holland College
Aleco Iatrou                       Holland College
John Hunter                       St. Thomas University
Kyle Yearwood                  St. Thomas University
Jack Creaser                       University of Kings College
Brendan Irish                     University of Kings College
Waris Atiqullo                    Mount Saint Vincent University 
Alex Allison                        University New Brunswick Saint John
Andrew Baker                   Crandall University
Jack Lynds                          Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus
Kevin Abraham                   Mount Saint Vincent University (Keeper)
Men's 2nd Team All Conference
Jonah Wilton                                      Holland College
Theo Ngezahayo                              Holland College
Alex Lourenso                                   Holland College
James Hill                                          St. Thomas University
Eric Prior                                            St. Thomas University
Shinji Yamamoto                              University of Kings College
Ewout van Waasbergen                 University of Kings College
Graham Welch                                Mount Saint Vincent University 
Logan Perry                                     University New Brunswick Saint John
Ben Trail                                           Crandall University
Tim Trites                                         Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus
George Tzimas                                  Holland College (Keeper)
2018 Women’s Soccer Award Winners
Player of the Year: Nikita McCartney (St. Thomas University)*
Rookie of the Year: Karlee Duval (UNB Saint John)
Gerry LeBlanc Award: Meagan Watts (Mount Saint Vincent University)
Coach of the Year: Michelle DeCourcey (St. Thomas University)*
2018 Men’s Soccer Award Winners
Player of the Year: Shunya Kobayshi (Holland College)*
Rookie of the Year: Connor Grant (Mount Saint Vincent University)
Bob Coe Award: Chris Garagan (Mount Saint Vincent University)
Coach of the Year: John Ryan Morrison (St. Thomas University)*