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The Dragons replayed against the Tommies today at Université Sainte-Anne. It is St Thomas University who won in three sets. The first set was quickly won by the Tommies (25-14). The second set was first led by the Tommies, but the Dragons caught up to them and the rest of the set was a chase between the two teams. Ultimately, the Tommies won the set 25-21. For the third set, although it started good for the Dragons, the Tommies quickly took the lead and won 25-16.

Players who stand out for this game are Megan Mills for the Tommies and Marise Gionet for the Dragons. They respectively made 7(8 pts) and 5 (6 pts).

Don't miss the next game for Université Sainte-Anne women's team on February 2nd at Mount Allison at 4 PM.