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Today at Université Sainte-Anne, the Dragons played against the Blue Devils of the University of King College. The Dragons have fought hard but ultimately lost. The Blue Devils have won every set with 25-13 for the first, 25-20 for the second and the last set, which was intense and full of suspense, was win by the Blue Devils with the scores of 29-27.

The stars players were Abby Hourigan with 10 Kills and 16 Digs for UKC and Isabelle Richard Poirier with 9 Kills and 5 Digs for USA.

Don't forget to watch the next match on January 26 at Université Sainte-Anne. The Dragons will play against the Tommies of Saint Thomas University.

Ps: Tomorrow's match has been canceled because of the forecast weather and will be pushed back to February 17.