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Tommies battle for the Win

The St Thomas Tommies battled for each set , before winning the match 3-0  .  Leading the Fredericton team were Megan Mills (15 kills, 7 digs, 17 pts) and Hannah Millier (9 kills, 4 digs, 11 pts).  The Rams fought back in each set, but could not put a string together to take the lead against STU.  Leading the Rams were Rookie Laura Smith (3 kills, 7 digs and 5 pts) , 3rd year player Courtney George (3 kills, 7 digs, and 4 pts) and another rookie Jillian Ferguson (3 kills, 8 digs and 4 pts)

That finishes the semester for the Rams, as they take time for exams and the Christmas Break.  Back in action in 2019 , the RAMS host UKC Sat. Jan.12 at 11 am .  With rookies developing each match, expect more exciting action at the Langille Athletic Centre.