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After a well fought battle, UKC Blue Devil's took a devastating 3-0 loss to UNBSJ in the Kingdome. UNBSJ dominated the first set 25 – 17. In the second round, King's was able to trail behind by one point until UNBSJ had a striking eight-point streak and ultimately won the second set 25 -21. The Blue Devil's had to win the next set in order to have a chance at winning the game, but UNBSJ was determined to take the game in three sets. King's had a five-point streak that had them 10-11. Despite six kills in the third set by Abby 'The Hurricane' Hourigan, the Blue Devil's couldn't take the lead. UNBSJ responded by defeating the Blue Devil's in the third and final round 25 -17. Game ended UNBSJ 3 and UKC 0.