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Jan 20
12:00 PM
at Holland
Jan 20
3:00 PM
at UKC
Jan 25
7:00 PM
at Mount Allison
Jan 26
1:00 PM
Jan 26
6:00 PM
at USA
No Event
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An amazing win for the Dragons

An amazing game was played today at Université Sainte-Anne! The Dragons and the Rams played an intense match. The scores were incredibly close all along the game. The match was finally won by the Dragons after 5 sets. The first victory of the season for the Dragons of Université Sainte-Anne.

The points were: 25-22; 19-25; 25-22; 24-26; 15-10

The stars for this game were Isabelle Richard Poirier and Marise Gionet for the Dragons with 19 and 18 Kills. For the Rams, Jillian Ferguson did a good performance with 11 Kills.

Don't miss out the Dragons next game on December 2ndat Université Sainte-Anne against MSVU. Come to support our team!