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Jan 20
12:00 PM
at Holland
Jan 20
3:00 PM
at UKC
Jan 25
7:00 PM
at Mount Allison
Jan 26
1:00 PM
Jan 26
6:00 PM
at USA
No Event
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Rams drop the match 3-0 to the Mounties

The Rams dropped the match 3-0 , but played their best of the season.  The Mounties squeaked out a 25-23 win in the first set and went on to take the second 25-13, and third 25-20.  The Rams are improving each set with the veterans providing good leadership and the rookies gaining confidence!

The Mounties were led by Jadyn Boyes (9 kills, 14 kills and 10 points) and Brooke Gillespie (9 kills, 7 digs and 11 points).

The DAL AC Rams were led by Xenna Mazal (5 kills, 8 digs and 5 points) and Jillian Ferguson (3kills, 13 digs and 3 points)


The Rams are on the road tomorrow as they travel to Church Point to play the USA Dragons in a  2 pm match.