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In a five-set battle, the STU Tommies were victorious in beating the UKC Blue Devil's 3-2. It was an evenly matched game. King's won the nail biter first set 26-24. Tommies responded by taking the second set 24 -21. King's had an impressive run in the third quarter and gained the points to show for it taking the third set 25-19. What looked like a King's win in the fourth set, become a King's loss as the Tommies snuck back on top after being down by two points near the end and claiming the fourth set. It was UKC win, then STU win, then UKC win again, then STU win again: 2-2. And the final set was in the STU favor. STU attacked the ball with force and King's couldn't keep up. STU claimed the final set 15-10 and the game ended 3-2 for Tommies.