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The UKC Blue Devil's defeated the MTA Mounties 66-61 at the Kingdome. Game started with both teams dominating the court and looking to sink every shot. Mounties were down by three points in the first quarter as King's put up an impressive 20 points. At half time King's took a back seat to the Mounties who was ahead 38-34. The Mounties took the lead until three minutes left in the game when Jessica Simm made both her free throw shots and ties the game: 58-58. A three ball by King's Chloe Owner put the Devil's back in the lead until the final whistle blew. Triple top scorers were UKC players who scored 16 points each: Jenna Bain, Chloe Owner and Kassidy Hamilton. Second was MTA player, Kiersten Mangold with 15 points.