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Gray Brothers Take to the Court

Gray Brothers Take to the Court

Keegan and Hunter Gray are noticeable on the basketball court. They command a presence given their immense talent. Both can shoot, dribble and score. They let their ability do the talking by example and they love basketball.

“We both started playing basketball when we were pretty young. We both started in the second grade a year apart. Our Dad was a coach of a basketball team and our two older siblings already played basketball so we were interested in the game. We had a net outside in the driveway where we duked it out with each other or any of our friends or neighbors who were close by. A lot of basketball 1 vs. 2 against our older brother who was huge compared to us.”

Keegan is one year older than Hunter. “We were both the younger brothers tagging along to go play basketball. Our older sister and brother both played before us and really peaked our interest so we followed in their footsteps.”

Hunter stuck with basketball as his sport of choice. Keegan branched out a bit, playing soccer and volleyball, and football for one year. But when it came right down to it, basketball was the best sport for both of them.

Academically, Keegan is taking Respiratory Therapy and likes the “clinical aspect of the program where you get to go out to the hospital and train.” He also enjoys the small class sizes at UNBSJ. Hunter is taking his BBA degree program and really finds the co-op aspect beneficial. Both are excellent students which makes playing basketball even more enjoyable.

Athletically, Keegan sees defense as the strength of his game but many will say that he can contribute equally as well on offense. He is one of the best players in the league at slowing the pace down or speeding it up to the level he thinks is needed at various times in the game. Hunter is an intense competitor and one of the best offensive players in the league. He had a terrific season last year, averaging 18 point per game to finish fourth in ACAA scoring. He was rewarded by being names the UNBSJ Male Athlete of the Year. When he gets into a shooting groove he is next to impossible to stop! The numbers pile up quickly.

How do they enjoy playing on the same team together? “There are hard and easy parts of playing together on the same team. The comfortableness we have with each other because of playing with each other for so many years makes the game easier but being around a family member all the time does irritate you after a while but we make do.” They have plenty of practice playing together as they have been on the same team “almost every year growing up.”

The brothers believe the Seawolves have a lot of guys who can score and defend this year and think the team can get better by working on communication on the court and late game finishing.

Hunter unfortunately has been injured for a good portion of the first term – “I came down from a rebound at Mount Allison and just heard something pop. It wasn’t broken, it was a ligament issue and actually I’m out of the walking boot and cleared for static shooting right now. Should be good for the second semester of basketball.” The Seawolves are looking forward to having him back in the lineup to provide leadership and consistent and reliable scoring.

Keegan and Hunter agree “The ACAA is great and gives both of us our dreams of playing university sports while also obtaining a great post-secondary education. Our coaches Peter, Allan and Nick have been great this year. They’ve been pushing us to achieve our goals and always there for us.”

Coach Peter Vincent says, “The Gray brothers bring stability and experience to this team but are very different players. Keegan is a quiet leader that gives us a steady under pressure ball handler and distributor with a scoring edge to him. Hunter is a more vocal and fiery competitor that is a tremendous scoring threat for us. Both are very important core members of our team and form the nucleus of the starters that we hope will take us to a deep run in the playoffs this year. There is so much more I could say about these boys. I feel very strongly about both of them as players and the men they are growing into.”