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Nov 09
7pm Friday and 9am Saturday
at @ U Ste. Anne
Nov 24
12pm Saturday and 9am on Sunday
at @ HC
Jan 12
10 am
at @ MTA
Jan 18
7pm Friday and 9am Saturday
at @ UKC
Feb 02
at @ Dal AC
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2017 Badminton Award Winners

2017 Badminton Award Winners

At a well deserved end of season banquet, the 2016-17 ACAA Badminton Award winners were announced.

Emma Hughes of Holland College and Patrick Jackson of Dal AC were named the ACAA Rookies of the Year

Dal AC's Richard Bennicke was given the Coach of the Year honors.

Emma Hughes was also named the ACAA Female Player of the Year.  Jaryd Morrissey of MTA was named the Male Player of the Year.

Emma Hughes, HC - Female Rookie and Player of the Year Patrick Jackson, Dal AC - Male Rookie of the Year


Richard Bennicke, Dal AC - Coach of the Year


Jaryd Morrissey, MTA - Male Player of the Year