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Male Athlete of the Week, Nov 13 2017

Male Athlete of the Week, Nov 13 2017

Ben West                             
UKC Blue Devils Men’s Basketball
Academic Program: BA    
Year : 1     
Hometown : Halifax, NS


King’s had high hopes for it’s first year Centre and former Citadel High School player, Ben West, and on Sunday afternoon he did not disappoint.  Ben scored 37 points and 12 Rebounds against UKC’s cross town rival, MSVU.  From the opening tip-off to streaks where he scored 10 in a row, he was the most dominant player on the floor.  He exploited his quickness and strong ball handling to split the defense in the middle of the key, creating numerous successful layup opportunities amidst heavily contested defense from the MSVU team.

This was quite an impact game for his first home performance as a Blue devil.  Coach Chad Wadden had this to say about his first year sensation:  “Ben has the ability to be highly effective on both ends of the court. He is only scratching the surface of his potential.  He is beginning to understand the impact he has on our team and the game.”